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Not sure what "Preferred Plus" means?
This is a basic Health Classification see below:
Preferred Plus: Sometimes referred to as preferred elite, super preferred, or preferred plus, this category is associated with excellent health, a normal weight and height profile, and no other factors that might suggest increased health risk such as the death of a family member due to heart disease before age 60, for example.

Preferred: This category is associated with excellent health, though there may be a few minor issues like a slightly elevated cholesterol level, for instance.

Regular Plus: While associated with optimum health, there may be some factors that prevent the applicant from falling into a preferred category like high blood pressure or being overweight.

Standard: This category is associated with average health as well as a normal life expectancy. Minor health issues may be present or, perhaps, weight is not optimum. Factors such as these coupled with the death of a parent due to disease before age 60 could also be relative to this category.

Preferred Smoker: This category is for a person who would otherwise fall into the regular preferred category but smokes. Some insurers will place an occasional smoker in this category such as someone who smokes cigars only from time to time.

Standard Smoker: A smoker who is in otherwise standard health will be placed into this category. Since some providers offer non-smoker rates, someone in this category is apt to pay more than a non-smoker for the same type of policy.

How does Life Insurance Work?

Term Life insurance has you covered for the duration you choose and your rates are fixed no matter your health condition. Should the insured pass away the insured amount is paid in full to the beneficiaries.

Who needs Life Insurance?

Life insurance can pay for funeral costs, provide income replacement in the event of a fatal accident, and give peace of mind to yourself and the ones you love.

Is Life Insurance affordable?

Depending on the health condition of the insured rates vary. Being honest when filling out the application questions is the best way to recieve the most accurate quote and using the quote widget above, you can compare rates in real time to get the most affordable premiums.

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